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Products are also available for purchase at our office located at:

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Etobicoke, ON
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Since it is a massage therapy clinic as well, please give us a call before coming so that we could serve you without delay: 647-462-7648 Attila Gruber, consultant. 

We accept Cash, Debit or Credit Cards in person or over the phone!

This handy device is called the OmiPad which is the size of an iPad, and is ideal for local pain management. It is easy to use, works with clothes on and treatment times can be as short as 5-10 minutes at a time. We all have 5 minutes of time for what is really important to us!

It has an introductory price of only $299+Tax including shipping anywhere in Canada. 

This is full body size and programmable version with not one, but 8 coils to cover the entire body and treat it at the same time. 

It also allows to adjust the frequencies between 1-99Hz to get the best results. Also has a random frequency generator and sweeping frequencies to avoid tissue fatigue. 

This full body PEMF-Mat has the introductory price of only $899 +Tax including shipping. 

If you know about PEMF technologies, you know that 

these prices are unheard of.  

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